Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Off Season Fun!

 Have not posted since last fall! GREAT end of season, fantastic Spring and Summer and amazing news for the fall. Bull Elk tag in 231 (Pioche NV). More to come on that. 
Kapitan and Jager trying to figure out the desert tortoise
Summer fun with the boys and girls! 

It's official, Kapitan thinks he is a human

cooling off after a wilderness hike

What happened to my truck!
Truck turned out nice!

Long tim hunting buddy Michael welcomed Sage into the hunting family. She's finishing up in school this Spring/Summer

The spoils of the blue quail hunt in February

Mule Deer from last October is done!

Garths Mule deer from last October
Michaels Oryx finally done

Death Valley 2017

Hunting buddy Ryan welcomed Ella into the hunting family recently 

Tiger Trout? Kapitan wasn't sure what to think at first

Monday, December 5, 2016

Great hunting season so far. I ended up giving back my Bull Elk tag because I also drew a party Buck Mule Deer tag with my friend Garth. I made this video of all the excitement in Oct-Nov including Cow Elk hunting, Mule Deer and of course Gambles Quail. Contact me any time if you'd like to get out and hunt with us!

Oct Nov 2016 with Jager Kapitan and Friends

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Spring review and Elk hunt prep

Big Hunting news. I finally drew a bull elk tag. Lucky for me, it includes an area that I've hunted (or scouted/guided) 32 days in the last 3 years. With other friends also drawing Elk tags this year, lots of prep is upon us especially if expecting help for the hunt and hopeful recovery.

Kapitan finished 6 weeks of school up in Beaver UT at He was tired and missing part of his ear due to misbehaving in class, but recovered nicely.

Here's more Spring review:

Ryan and Jager enjoying the spoils of a spring Striped bass fishing trip on Lake Mead. 
Jager enjoying the view on Lake Mead

After returning from school, Kapitan was still in hunting mode! 

flowering cactus just west of Summerlin (Las Vegas)

Getting the back yard, aka dog sanctuary ready for Summer! 

Jack Ass sneaking into the photo. Kapitan sticking out his tongue at the situation. 

Northwestern Grand Canyon. Hard to get to, but worth the effort. We had 2000' drop offs on 3 sides of camp. 

Kapitan napping in a precarious location 

Jager napping in a safer location 

Grand Canyon camp 

First Creek, Red Rock

Forced fetch work with the boys (Jager holding a Chukar, Kapitan a Quail) 

California desert just south of Death Valley. The flowers blooming is a once every 10-15 year deal due to the lack of rain. 
Death Valley camping trip 

Jager missed Kapitan so much while he was in school, he helped me celebration st paddy's day

Kapitan on graduation day from session 1 at 

Death Valley camping trip

Tammy and Jager having their morning coffee

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring fun

Kapitan is in his 2nd month of school up at 

Big game draw is now open in Nevada. Let me know if you'd like to join in on a party hunt.

Kapitan and Jager kicking back the week after the end of Quail season. 

Jeeping day with Tammy, Emily and the boys up and over Rocky Gap Road. 

Jager pheasant wing practice. I try to do this at least once a day to keep him working. 

We lost Rudy the morning of February 27 (as posted in Facebook, thank you friends for the nice words).  Thank you Rudy for 14 amazing years. 

Jager letting this pigeon know who's boss. Practice practice practice! 

2 day camping weekend in Death Valley. YES, on rare occasion, there is water running through death valley. Apparently, it didn't taste good because Jager would not drink it. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Mexico Blue-Scaled Quail hunt

Tammy and I had a great time out in Alamogordo NM with our long time friends, Michael & Laura Precure. In addition to revisiting times of past we had some great hunting!
Jager standing tall, looking for the Blue Quail

Checking out the Blue Quail. As far as I can remember, this was my first one ever. 
Kapitan checking out the Blue Quail
This was a great sequence to follow, would have been great in video. Jager was over to my left with Michael, Kapitan was just in front of me. Kapitan flushed 2 Blue Quail, and they flew to my right, I shot one, Kapitan sprinted over to it, picked it up, and looked as if he was going to bring it to me. Everybody was cheering for him along with me trying to call him to me. He held it for a second, then dropped it and waited for me to come over. I gave Jager the "dead bird" command and he went and got it and brought it to me. Kapitan is going to be great! Definitely not gun shy and aggressively pursued the birds. Just gotta get him to understand retrieve to hand (he already does it in practice, but the real thing is different the first time).

Kapitan picking up the Blue Quail, I'm trying to call him over, Jager walking over to see what lil bro is doing. 
Kapitan picked up the bird and looked at me for a moment, but he didn't bring it to me. This was the only photo and unfortunately, out of focus, but worth saving. I was proud all the same.
After Kapitan didn't bring me the bird, Jager trotted over and took care of it.
Jager retrieving, me praising him, Kapitan observing and learning

Tired puppies, Blue Quail & Browning Shotguns. 
Tammy did a great job with the photos. Note the great telephoto focus on the tiny bird on the cactus.