Monday, June 16, 2014

1st week of Elk season is set

I'll post in here Ryan's email because it is great info. I'll also further comment on the equipment:

I put in for vacation last night at work; Sept 1 - Sept 7.  I will have to miss the first day of the season and arrive that evening since it's a three day weekend.  I will have to work that Sunday night, but will head up Monday after getting some sleep.  I will stay until the following Sunday the 7th.  Garner, major bummer that you will not be able to be there the whole time but we understand.  BTW, great blog addition.  I especially loved the intro.  I appreciate being included as a contributor to the blog, but I don't know that I have any significant hunting experience to contribute.
It's a bit of a process to become a member of the Desert Sportsman's Club, but I should be a full member after my orientation on the 28th of this month.  You guys can join me anytime after that for just five bucks.  I will keep you informed.  Please keep me informed about any radio purchases I should make.  We will have to discuss group gear at some point.  Redundancy is good to a point, but shaving weight often trumps it.  I've got lots of climbing gear to draw from, if either of you need anything.(hiking and camping gear, etc.)
Here are some of my recent purchases:
-sweet shooting tripod by Hammers
-Federal Nosler Partition ammo
-Wyoming bone saw #3
-10x42 Bushnell binoculars
-Eberlestock H2 Gunrunner Pack

Design looks fantastic, and half the price of the one I suggested

Knowing that Ryan has this bad boy, I'll just carry the small Gerber I had last year. Somebody should buy the Wyoming Saw I.
Go by Sportsmans Warehouse and try it on. Beats carrying the gun all day and will allow for an all day outing. I'll likely get the same one. 

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