Monday, June 9, 2014

packs and other gear

I tried on some of the Eberlestock packs at Sportsmans Warehouse this past weekend:

The "Team Elk" has an aluminum frame. I liked the "X1" and the "just one" packs the best so far. I'm going to go back later and try again. Maybe a smaller one just for water would be nice as well but that was why I thought the Gun Runner would be best.

Jager goes back to school in a couple of weeks, but he will rejoin us in time for the September hunts. So far, he has been great at staying close and quiet on command, which is needed for the Elk/Deer hunts.

I'm going to investigate the Ham Radio deal with Garner a bit further. Obviously, it's far superior technology.  I may purchase this set, then just have them programed for everybody to use. The licensing is a challenge to get around though:

Ham radio's for all?

This way we could just wear an ear piece (FBI style) and talk as needed. These also have a type of GPS functionality so that, in a pinch, you can be "recovered."

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