Friday, July 11, 2014

GMAN Says....

I have been wanting to make a new post from my end of the world. It is tough trying to keep up with 2 blogs, but here I go.

Alan is doing a great job thinking this all through. Nice work. Thanks for checking the moon phases. That will be some helpful knowledge.

Gman is going to be rocking the .308 SCAR 17S on this outing. It's not the most powerful cartridge, but given a close range, within 400yards, I should be OK. If not, I am planning on a running second attempt since it is open desert and the animal won't be able to hide. Well, hopefully. If all else fails, I can always unclip a grenade and throw it in the general direction of the elk. All portions will be ground meat and no steaks.

My Ax. FNH SCAR17S 7.62x39 (.308)

Not my exact weapon image, but google images is providing me with this while in Portugal.
This is the optic that I have been using. It's the Elcan Spectre 1.5X6. 6 power is way small, but. I will make it work. The ARMS levers make it a quick mount to the top rail and zero is not an issue. It always is set, even after removal.
The center dot is illuminated, or the crosshairs. Shooter's choice.
More info. Produced by Raytheon.

I also have a bipod made by Vltor which is light and quick to pop out. I will need to practice with that at the range, but will also consider using the monopod in case the brush is too high.

As soon as we get back from Europe, which is August 10th there will be range time planned for the 16th and 17th. Ideally, we can hit the desert during the week before since school will not have started yet.

That's not much, but I like to hear about all the technical stuff. So, Alan.... Post some info on these home loads that you will be using. I will do a full range report when we get back as well.


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  1. Ammo is manufactured in bulk, with a machine. Hand loads are one at a time and almost exactly consistent, therefore, more accurate. Also, you dial in the most accurate in your gun of the hand loads based on experimentation and others knowledge. Nosler, for example, publishes load data for hand loaders. In my experience, Federal premium is pretty good good for over the counter. Of course Weatherby is as well. Nosler also sells it's only hand loads. For a .308, a 180 grain accubond should do it. It will have similar flight characteristics of the match grade 175. The challenge after 300 yards is the knock down power, that is where an accubond, barnes X or of course nosler partition come in, they will make up the difference in lack of knock down with the technology of the bullet.