Wednesday, July 9, 2014

moon phases and Antelope hunt

It looks like we'll have no moon in the pre dawn hours for the first several hunts.  Moon will be setting just a few hours after sunset but set later as days pass in each month.  It's almost identical for all of the fall months. This is good for us! Why you ask? Because a bright moon would prompt the elk/deer/antelope to be up and moving around eating etc... No moon pre dawn means they will be up and moving around as the Sun rises.  Some extra light from the moon after sunset is nice just in case we have one down.

Garth and I are headed to Ely after work on Friday, August 1, returning Sunday August 4 for the longbow Antelope adventure! 

I finally ordered my pack. I went with the Eberlestock Gunrunner in Coyote Brown along with the 3 litre hydration bladder.

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