Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekend range trips

I visited the range with Jason Saturday and Ryan Sunday. Both laying the wood, sighting in magnum cartridges for the long range Elk hunt! For a first time extended bench shoot, both zeroed in to sub 2" groups - excellent.  Jason's 150 grain nosler partition speeds out at 3245 feet per second from his 270 Weatherby magnum, has the best long range knockdown of all of us and will zero in at 300 yards and easily drop anything at 400. Ryan's 338 winchester magnum propels the 210 grain nosler partition at 2830fps with thunderous,  unmatched knockdown power out to 300 yards.

Garth and I are headed to the Clark County complex for more practice on Wednesday as well as a meet and greet to try to figure out how to shoot an antelope with a longbow!  My hope is to just drive by and see one, we'll see. 2 weeks from this Saturday, we'll be in and around the Steptoe Valley not only stalking antelope, but making a note of where the deer and elk are roaming.

I've had a few comments about pushing the nosler partition so much, for example, it sure doesn't look special. True, many make super fancy LOOKING rounds, but, "if you want the best bullet for your next elk hunt, get a Partition."

Click here for the Chuck Hawks article on the partition

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