Monday, August 4, 2014

First Hunt

Garth and I headed out early afternoon Friday. We spotted 2 very nice buck Pronghorn that evening and stalked one of them. We set up camp up in the edge of the mountains with nothing too eventful other than a little rain. Throughout the day Saturday we saw hundreds of Pronghorn and several nice bucks. One welcome surprise came with the large number of grouse spotted right in with the Antelope. At the end of the day we happened upon a very nice one just north of McGill. About 80 yards is as close as we got and didn't get off a shot. As it turned out this was the best spot we had found. Garth spotted a significant game trail and the exact spot where the crossed under a fence. Close by is a moving water source from a spring. Also, there is a ditch where you can hide and even move around. Sunday morning, we returned to this same spot and I used the spotting scope from about a mile away. Garth spotted 5 Pronghorn about 500 yards away but nothing came through the location.

Live and learn. Next trip we think we'll just stay in this location due to the obvious heavy traffic. Also, we had phone signal! Txt messaging info was certainly nice.

Looking West, overlooking the Steptoe Ranch, Glenlivet for Garth's Birthday!

Looking West at the sunset

in a ditch just north of McGill
Two more weekends of Bow season, we'll go at least one more time and camp closer to McGill and stalk this ditch for a full day. We additionally scouted the western side of the mountains and found some great Mule Deer locations.

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