Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gearing Up!

Gman is stoked to get this thing started.  I am going over my calendar and checklists like crazy.  Even at night I wake up thinking if everything is though out.  What if.........?

Today I bought a few more things.

I was watching videos with guys using these.  Some said the elk came within 100yds after hearing these.  I will need to practice with them and come up with a plan.

I read some reviews on game bags and these look pretty bomber, but you pay for them.  The rugged terrain out here will tear stuff up, so I went with these.  I hope they get here in time.

Meeting tomorrow at  SAGOS TAVERN  3:45pm.  Be there.

Range time with Ryan this Friday the 15th at 6am.  Desert Sportsman's Club.

Yesterday, installed new trigger on the SCAR.  I popped in a bad boy 2 stage Geissele Super SCAR.  Friday, I will give it a whirl at the range.  I played with it last night with soft primer dummies.  Trigger pull is half of the stock 7+ lb issued with the weapon, and crisp! 

Last night we had spaghetti with elk meat in the sauce.  Totally awesome!  Just more of a reason to bring home a beast and fill up my freezer, and many other freezers.  Let's go!

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  1. Yes, these are the game bags of choice. I have 1 left over from last year and wish I'd have saved all of them. They somehow made it to the trash can.