Friday, August 22, 2014

Jager is ready, but are we?

Jager has graduated from finally. He went from 51 pounds down to 44 and grew about 1/2" taller. It's been great working with Jared Moss of He has two litters available if anybody is up for it. I highly recommend it!  Jager will be up in Ely the whole time, hanging back with me. After he figures out the Elk hunt routine, I'll move up closer with him. We'll also plan to hit the edge of the mountains where the blue grouse hang out. We got Jager a Garmin Alpha for graduation. It's an amazing piece of technology.

Went to the Range with Garth last night, dialed in his 30-06 and new scope.  Did a tune up on the .243 and my .338-06. The downside is I'm low on .338-06 ammo, so I've ordered more and will dial it in on Sat morning at 6am.

338-06 100 yards

Jager holding point on a bobwhite quail while Jared discusses the training. Jager is sporting his new Garmin Alpha. I have the controler/GPS off camera and usage of the training apparatus is what we are discussing.

Jager holding point, looking back wondering why we are talking and taking photo's instead of letting him flush the bobwhite quail.

Jager retrieving the bobwhite quail

Jared working with Jager

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