Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Last Minute prep

Packing the trailer tonight. Updated plans are this:

Tammy, Jager and I leaving Friday night, driving slow, probably staying at the RV park at the Prospector Casino which is on the north side of Ely. 
Garner, Katherine & Andrew leaving Las Vegas at 7am, getting to Ely at 11am ish, staying at Hotel Nevada.
Jason & Mirvate also leaving Sat morning.
Mitch Johnson & Dan Kalutkiewicz who work with Jason and I at IBM are also joining us Saturday in Ely and will help scout Sunday and Monday. 
Garth is coming up Sunday and will go straight to camp.
Ryan is coming Monday and will go straight to camp. 
Of note, we'll be on 2-way radio channel 7-10 and for Garth and Ryan I will send GPS coordinates as soon as we make camp. If you don't have a radio, please let me know, we have plenty to share. 

Decided to not buy any more coolers. I think we have enough. Jason has a medium size for his ice blocks, Garner has a medium Yeti. Garth has a 110. I have 2 ARB freezers plus the fridge in the camper, then we have these 6 for a total of 9 coolers and 3 powered freezers:
The weather looks great so far, but don't trust the forecast, be prepared for at least a little bit of rain and mud. For your vehicles, plan to buy a gallon of windshield washer fluid when you fill up with gas somewhere along the way, probably in Ely, and fill it up. If it isn't raining and muddy, it will be dusty. Either way, you'll want to use it extensively. Alternatively, fill it up now, then refill the jug with water for an additional cooling brick!
Updated meal plans while camping:
Cold breakfast & lunches on your own.
Tammy and/or I will cook dinner every night.
Sunday night - hamburgers - 10 people
Monday  - Alan, Garth & Ryan (pre made re heat on campfire stuff)
Tuesday - Alan, Garth, Ryan
Wednesday - Alan, Garth, Ryan
Thursday - Jason (plus guest?), Tammy, Alan, Garth, Ryan
Friday - Garner, Katherine, Andrew, Other Brother, Jason, Tammy, Alan, Garth, Ryan (9) 
Sat - same
Sun - all go home, if not sooner

Obviously, plans will change, but this is it as of today. 

Lots of questions surrounding "processing." I will send that out in an email for you to print, study & discuss. 

If you forgot something, no worries, just go to the sporting goods store in Ely. As always, just ask if questions! 

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