Monday, August 18, 2014

last minute equipment?

Here are some last minute suggestions:

add it to your phone, turns it into a great GPS complete with our hunting area info including private land etc... It will work outside of cell signal. There's a trick to using it in that you need to "cache" in the maps by zooming in all of the areas you want ahead of time. I can work with you on it but I do recommend a GPS device of some kind.  Cost is $30, available for both IOS and Android. I plan to add it to my iPad.
Ap store has a "free" ap which then takes you through the marketing and purchase process. It's a subscription, so it is only good for this hunting season.  Not so bad because you get new maps every year.

Game bags. Don't worry about getting the expensive heavy canvas Elk ones. The cheap cheese cloth deer ones are fine, but you need at least 5 of them.

Cooler bricks. Don't spend a lot of money on this. If you can't find them at Walmart or Target, just freeze a case of bottled water as cold as possible (zero or colder) then pack them tightly together in an ice chest. For everybody coming up several days early, this won't work very well, but we'll figure it out by rotating them into the 2 freezers I have. If anything, it will be great to have plenty of cold water to drink at camp! "The plan" is for my freezers to be running at all times in the jeeps and always be full of bricks at zero degrees so that we are ready to go at a moments notice to retrieve 2 elk at the same time.

Here's how this could play out:

You and your scout down an elk. You radio back to camp or the trailing scout your exact GPS location. The 3rd person jumps in what ever vehicle is back at camp, then heads out getting as close as possible to the downed location. Using your maps and GPS, you will see the roads and terrain and know exactly the best way to get there. It may be that you can not drive all the way to the game down position. The hunter and the scout during this time will use the small tarp you are carrying as well as the game bags and tools in your pack to "process" the elk and bag the meat to shield it from insects and sun. If you have questions on "processing" just ask me. I'll put together step by step suggestions for you to carry with you upon request. If by chance the jeep/truck can't make it to the down position, the 3 people will saddle up with straps and carry it. Good times!
These are just suggestions, this is your hunt, have fun and do what you think is best.  Sleep late, wait for one to walk across the road in front of you - just as likely to happen as any other scenario!

Jagermeister should be back in Beaver tonight from his "study abroad" in Montana. We did finally get a couple of photos:

Jager with trainer in Montana

Jager on point in Montana
I'm not sure how they were able to not only get to Montana but all the way back to 1974 but I bet this is the truck they are driving!

1974 International Scout

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