Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meeting follow up

Great meeting last night! Here's the end of August plan.
I didn't reserve any hotels yet, however, I don't think it will be too difficult - Hotel Nevada, Prospector Casino,  LaQuinta Inn and Suites or just camp if you like. Here's who is confirmed and when:

Tammy, Jager and I headed up Friday night, maybe not go all the way to Ely. Garner, Katherine, Andrew, Garth, Mirvate & Jason headed up Sat morning (plus any other scouts we can pick up). Head to the range in Ely for final prep (GPS coordinates of range are marked in Garth's jeep).  Stop by the Sporting goods store and grocery store  for anything we forgot.
Sunday morning, head north, finalize the camp spot. We have narrowed it down significantly,  camp south/west of Lages Junction or straight west of Lages Junction. Scout as best we can 'til dark Sunday.  Sunday evening, 8 people for dinner and camping.

Monday morning, it's on. Hopefully we'll have something spotted. Monday evening Garner, Katherine, Andrew, Jason, Mirvate & Tammy head back home. Monday late afternoon, Ryan arrives at camp just in time for evening scout/stalk or straight to dinner. Garth, Ryan, Jager and Alan stay through the week. Thursday and/or Friday, Jason, Garner & Andrew return to Lages Junction. All head home Sunday or sooner if we have 5 elk on ice!

Meal plan:

Cold breakfast and lunch of your choosing every day, coffee coffee coffee, water water water. Obviously we will share stuff, like last year when we ran out of food and I raided Garners stash of vienna sausages!

Dinner nightly - this is the best part of the trip, we come together and lie about what we did all day, then crash an hour or two after dark:

Sunday night -  8 of us Tammy/Katherine - dutch oven chili or enchilada?
Monday night - Alan steak & dutch oven vegi's for 3
Tuesday night - Garth smoked salmon for 3
Wednesday night - Ryan for 3
Thursday night - Alan/Garth/Ryan/Jason? grilled chicken & a side? 4 people
Friday night - Jason for 7
Saturday night - Garner/Andrew for 7

People counts are estimates and we'll share the dinner costs of course to equal it out. I don't mind bringing more pre-prepared food for example.

We'll have plenty of cookware.  A stew or pasta dish that can just be heated up in the dutch oven and served is perfect.
With a minimum of five 150qt coolers, there is a lot of space for ice cold drinks. I suggest you pack in the coolers for the trip up. For hauling them, put in my trailer by Thursday the 28th. We'll have it at the house mid week.
To all coming in during the week, stop at Bradley's market in McGill (right hand side) and get two 20 pound bags of ice or one 20 and one block etc... I know it sounds crazy, but the ice at that store tastes better and is shaped differently than the exact same brand in Las Vegas. You can never have too much ice out in the desert!

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