Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2014 and early 2015 in review

2015, the end of bird season, brought the new discovery of duck hunting in Southern Nevada. Made a couple of efforts, learned a lot. Purchased a pile of plastic ducks and a couple of "calls." So far, all they have accomplished is ducks swimming in our swimming pool.

Here are some highlights from the end of the hunting season and spring as we prepare for the 2015 hunt:

Jager duck retrieval

Went fishing with Ryan and his dad.

Jager Mustang Stallion standoff

Jason wondering if "duck hunt" is code for a 4am prank

Jager on top of Mt Potosi, off season jeep run
Tammy wondering why these birds don't really look like Ducks

Garth cleaning pheasants - good times - spring guided pheasant hunt

Garth, Jager and resident guided pheasant hunt expert dog

Jager holding point on some random pigeons at the park

Jager's first phesant retrievals - a pair of semi wild birds. They were not part of the guided release so that held and flew just as good as wild birds.

After jeeping down to Lake Mojave (Colorado river just past Hoover dam) Jager practiced his water retrieval on a practice duck

Jager on point, note the pheasant about 10' in front of him.

Jason, Garth & Jager along with our 8 pheasants

Good use out of the hunting boots. Once jager figured out that he could hunt full speed on the volcanic rock, the boots didn't last long


  1. Hello Alan,
    This is such a nice sharing. The dog looked like a professional hunting dog. Read more on my blog for more well trained hunting animal. Thank you for your nice experience sharing.

  2. You are very welcome! I was so busy this fall with a new job an expanded hunting obligations that I neglected my blog posting. I recently updated with a single video covering 2 months.