Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jager and I headed back to AZ, had a nice overnight in the back of the jeep, up early and had a nice 6 hour hunt before heading back. I pieced together some of the highlights into this YouTube video: Hunt with Jager in AZ

Friday, January 15, 2016

AZ Javelina and Gambles quail hunt

Kapitan FeldJager had to stay home on this trip, big boys only. Jager is well behaved enough and follows commands well enough that I trusted him to potentially be close to Javelinas. He's been around Coyotes, Mustangs, Donkeys, Deer, Elk and Pronghorn up close and behaved very well. Of course, I just like having him along.
Scott was the resident expert, so Garth and I followed him out into a fairly remote part of AZ about 80 miles south of Kingman. Very cold, with some sleet, snow and freezing rain - good times! Scott and Garth headed out with their bows and Jager and I made some circles and immediately got into some fantastic Gambles Quail. Great time by all!
Rough stuff out here in AZ. Note the cactus has been nibbled on by the Javelina. Was in the 30's but  very nice with sunshine the 2nd day. Garth was certainly geared up and ready, sporting Sitka layers up top, upland thorn proof on the legs. No Javelina taken, not from a lack of trying and hitting every canyon in the area. 
Jager on point of Gambles Quail. There were about 40 in the covey and Gambles Quail do not sit still. I use the whoa command to keep Jager still as the quail scurry around in the bush immediately in front of him. I had a few shots on the ground, but waited until one flew above the bush. Very rough terrain, at least for me. No problem for Jager of course. 
Posing for a photo with Jager
Garth and Jager posing for a photo. Cold and wet the first day! Makes you appreciate your gear when you get it right!
Jager checking out his Gambles Quail take for the afternoon, Garth enjoying an Ice Cold Coors!
Jager doing some "forced fetch" practice after a hunt session. Gotta reinforce what you learn! Doubles as a great time to take photos! 

Scott prepared some nice prawns, Pronghorn chops and tenderloin. He took the Pronghorn at 650 yards up north of Ely. 
Jager, doing what Jager does, be spoiled. Tucked in the warm sleeping bag next to the heater. He deserved it, he hunted very hard all day for 2 days. I know traditional bird dog guys that think I "ruin" my dogs by never using a kennel but Jager has turned out great so far. Ya just have to dedicate 2 hours a day to working them so they won't burn the house down! A tired bird dog is a good bird dog. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years hunt with Tammy and the boys

We celebrated New Years the best way possible - by getting out of Las Vegas! Tammy and I took the boys up to Pahranagat for a couple of nights and hunted Key Pitman, the surrounding BLM land and Middle Marsh of Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge. Very cold and windy as the broken ice blowing up on shore depicts in these photos! Owning up to it ahead of time, YES I did take a dive in the ice cold water to pull Kapitan back in after he fell in. Nothing can prepare you for 32 degree water pouring down your bibs!

Kapitan, Jager and a coot taken from Middle Marsh.

Tammy, Kapitan & Jager at Key Pitman

Key Pitman

Key Pitman frozen over

Kapitan and Duck (Black and White Mallard size, I still need to identify it)

Getting my exercise at Key Pitman

Kapitan testing the 2" thick broken ice, blown up by the wind at Key Pitman
Kapitan tasting the snow up on Mt Irish, which over looks Groom Lake and Area 51
Hunting for Gambles Quail East of Pahranagat

Kapitan gettin busy! 

Dry lake bed North of Kane Springs Road and East of Pahranagat. Water froze and it sounds like thing glass breaking. 

Jager on point, Kapitan learning!

Jager on point
 This is where I shot the coot, Jager paused, didn't jump in after it, Kapitan of course barreled right through on the ice, fell through at the edge before he got to the Coot. He turned to swim back, but couldn't quite lift himself up on the ice (look through the reeds in the photos). Of course when I tried to crawl out on the ice, I fell face first into the water, breaking out plenty of ice for him to swim right back up on shore. Got the coot out though, cooked it in the pressure cooker, removed the bones and fed to the dogs. (Coots don't taste very good)

Jager and Kapitan drinking some of the ice cold water in Middle Marsh after a long couple of hunting days