Monday, February 8, 2016

Gambles Quail seasons end

Last weekend for Gambles Quail in Nevada and Arizona. Jager, Kapitan and I set out to Wikieup AZ for an overnight trip and all day hunt. We jeeped down into a deep canyon close to where I had camped previously but closer to the area I suspected to have a lot of birds. The downside of these areas with lots of birds is exactly the reason there are a lot of birds. VERY rough cover, coyotes, hawks and others can't get to them, which of course is why there are so many birds! Next year I plan to significantly upgrade my cactus protective gear, but for this trip, I decided to bring Kapitan with me, and primarily hunt the river beds. This made the walking much easier, but the birds were primarily up and outside the banks of the stream hiding in the scrub oak and other cactus like plants.

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